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Experts in antimicrobial technology

Biomaster pioneered the use of silver-based antimicrobial additives and today is the recognised leader in antimicrobial technology.

Our range of formulations is unique because we don't use off-the-shelf solutions. Each is blended specifically for the end application to provide maximum performance and durability.

And each is tested at independent laboratories to prove its effectiveness at giving any surface a lasting defence against harmful bacteria.

Innovation is the cornerstone of what we do so we’re constantly testing new additives and developing new antimicrobial technologies.

Antibacterial additives for plastics, textiles, paper, paints and coatings

Biomaster antimicrobial technology is easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating to become an integral part of the finished product.

It makes any surface cleaner and more hygienic, provides effective, lasting antibacterial protection and reduces the threat of cross contamination.

Add effective, versatile and trusted antibacterial protection to your product range by contacting Biomaster - the experts in antimicrobial technology.